The Future is Uncertain, Digital and Bright

Only the right application of design and technology will create positive outcomes.


The capacity to reduce uncertainty and create novel experiences with foresight research, design workshops and prototype development. Creating products and services that people love to use.

The ability to aid organizations with digital transformation by defining and executing strategy successfully. Making the connection between hard technology (chatbots, A.I., IoT, blockchain) and business value.

The experience to add value and velocity to any digital project by making teams more capable and more agile. Using lean methods to achieve outsized impacts.

Clients include: BMW, Shell, KLM, Dutch Museums Association, Mimi, Ullstein

Alper has written “Designing Conversational Interfaces”, one of the first books and consultancies on chatbots.

Alper has limited availability to consult on the services listed above.
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Design Strategy

Alper is experienced in product design at the strategic level having worked as a partner at game design consultancy Hubbub. He is able to come up with and implement innovative systems and experiences that increase user engagement.

Software Engineering

Alper holds a Masters in Media and Knowledge Engineering from Delft University of Technology and has 15+ years of industry experience. He is capable of architecting, engineering and delivering any kind of digital system.

Lean / Agile

Alper is a practitioner and enthusiast of lean/agile methodology and other new ways of working. People do their best work together if all levels of an organization are aligned and responsive. Process and improvisation are natural complements to each other.


Alper is an early adopter of all forms of digital media and an expert public speaker, writer, photographer, and videographer.


Alper is fluent in Dutch, English, Turkish, German and capable in French, Spanish and Portuguese. He's cross-culturally sensitive, observant and flexible.

Special Interests


Alper is based in Berlin and can be found irregularly in Amsterdam & London.

Get in touch via +49 176 343 75 460 / +31 6 24 55 33 06 or alper@thisdomain