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Emil gives Joel's list of stuff you couldn't do so far in web applications and this list is rapidly decreasing. We will probably get very decently usable web applications by the end of this year. Expect to see the arena explode.

Dojo's client side storage is a very impressive feat of cross browser bug slaying. Taking the arrows in the back for you, like they say at the Dojo.

Next up is a Dojo widget wrapper for the Canvas implementation on IE implemented using VML (CrossBrowserCanvas.js). The Canvas Painter is still a bit buggy in alternative browsers but the main functionality is there.

  • Draw hardware accelerated 3D graphics Done: Canvas3D

  • Decode MPEG Video in Javascript and draw on Canvas
    My pet peeve is that audio and video are still not first class citizens of the browser and need badly controllable plugins to make them work.
    If we could get DOM accessible APIs for this we could implement SMIL (or something better) as a JavaScript library and have a multi-media boom.

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