HOSC – Alan McCluskey – Opening education to the future

Ik zit vandaag en morgen op de Holland Open Software Conference en hier wat snel getikte notities van presentaties die ik interessant vind.

Dit was een erg leuke presentatie vooral ook omdat de spreker het vaag hield, niet bang was om af te drijven en grapjes te maken. Ondanks de bijzonder vage opzet van het onderwerp kreeg je wel de indruk dat de spreker goed op de hoogte was van waar hij het over had.

De rest van de conferentie was op het saai af. Ik heb niet het idee dat op deze conferentie van maatpakken en commerciele vendors echt iets gebeurt, en de dingen die hier gebeuren, daar kan ik me niet bijzonder over opwinden.
Ik ga denk ik dan ook liever naar FOSDEM, Wikimania, OSCON waar de gasten die dingen maken rondhangen. Sinds Reboot pas in Kopenhagen kwam ik tot de realisatie wat voor een gat er ligt tussen mensen die dingen maken en mensen die alleen maar dom lullen over shit.

Als er mensen an IBM met dit soort slides aan komen zetten, dan weet je al dat het kut is.
Holland Open Software Conference

Alan McCluskey was wel erg leuk:

Holland Open Software Conference

Holland Open Software Conference

Chairperson of PIC

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does not do much with open software, didn’t want to come to speak

hacker ethic

the second fall:
learning separated from life
work separated from learning and pleasure
quality separated from work
value indicated by the price tag
the individual crowned king without a kingdom

Reunite life and work and learning and pleasure.
Reitroduce the notion of ethics and the common good.

Trying to rediscover paradise.

Practice is the repeated way of doing things. Policy is a way of dictating practice.

Key role of technology in the mechanics of education.
Technology is believed to constrain practice.
The long arm of policy makers.

People find ways of doing things around technology.

Education system is more than the sum of its parts.
Analysis cannot satisfactorily explain its workings. Analysis does not work and many decisions in change management processes are taken after analysis.
The system is open and self-organizing.
Change emerges spontaneously and unpredictably.

In complex systems things do not work as we expect them to.

Feel about what is in the present and emerging and that will go into the future.

Mechanistic approach of policy making.
Questions of relationships are going to be important.

A feeling of the emergence of the future in the presence is necessary. We need leaders who do not know exactly what is going to happen but who can convey their feeling to others.

Sometimes I think education is over, maybe we’d better head for something different. Education is based around the idea that people need to learn subjects and need to learn it in a building from specific people. Ideas and premises in this institution that are not open, but monopolistic and closed.
Guardianship and coaching roles are valid but the structures do not help them do that.

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