Off to Copenhagen

By the time this post has been published I will be on a train on my way to Schiphol to fly to Copenhagen to attend the 10th edition of Reboot1.

Copenhagen has become familiar territory and I’ll be there for only four days. Acclimatizing on Wednesday which kicks off with a boat trip. Thursday and Friday will be conference days during which I hope to see a lot of people and I have been alotted a small session where we’ll talk about Free Economies.

Saturday will be spent recovering, maybe a run along the lakes or a decent brunch or burger and Saturday evening my train will depart for the Netherlands. The train journey back I’m looking forward to a lot more than the plane ride in.

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  1. Ha have the most of fun when you are there! And drop me a mail when you are back (or before) To see if there is still some time next week for lunch.

    Good luck with the sessions, I’m going to write about Free Labour soon, good book to read is perhaps: Network cultures by Titina Terranova,

  2. Sjors, I got your mails but haven’t had time to reply yet and don’t really have clarity on my schedule for next week but it looks like Tuesday should be doable. I’ll get back to you!

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