Some legitimate fear

This video on BoingBoing is shocking in its absurdity but hardly unexpected given the current climate. If you pay any attention around you in metropolitan areas in the UK, it is rife with ostentatious surveillance.

What I’m most afraid of is that if we get a significant bombing in the Netherlands, that will be the only excuse necessary to implement these random searches and violations of our civil liberties on Dutch soil. And the populace will swallow it wholesale supported by our MSM1.

Terrorism is nothing to be afraid of compared to the complacent fascism hidden in the average person.

  1. Formerly a fascist collaborating publication, currently the most popular and most populist newspaper in the Netherlands.

4 thoughts on “Some legitimate fear”

  1. Absolutely disgusting.

    And to think 95% of society – the sheeple, think random stop and searches have been put in place to combat so called ‘terrorism’.

    This is the embryonic stages of a police state for the New World Order. Control, suppression, and total domination of its people.

    They can search me any time… Over my cold hard dead body that is. I believe in civil liberties.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE – stop this rot before it’s too late

  2. Yeah great video. That guy is one of our Geek Dinner attendees and I am looking forward to talk to him about this next week. How is the state in NL with people that are as gutsy as this?

  3. I think in NL if you tape any police officer doing anything they will probably mess you up. We could try it sometime, I want to buy a Kodak Zi6.

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