Books read August 2008

In the only month where I somewhat approach Matt Webb’s amount of reading, he just goes and ups his count to nearly double mine.

Anyway here’s my list for August. I think the fact that this is an extremely slow summer both in terms of weather and waves somewhat explains this amount. Also that I’ve refound a lot of focus in reading and fun in keeping track of my shelf on Anobii1.

I haven’t been too lucky in my choice of novels. I had a lot of trouble finishing Catch-22 but on the whole it was worth it, Pride and Prejudice was more boring than not and the Engelenmaker turned out to be a fast paced but forgettable medical thriller about religion and morality.

The most interesting book this month was “Sketching User Experiences” because of its marriage of design, sketching, interaction, products and business in a visually very pleasing book.

  1. This probably won’t become a regular thing. You can keep track of my reading at Anobii, a site which I recommend.

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