E-mail delivery timing

Mr. Hammersley asks whether it’s possible to delay the delivery of e-mail in a way to receive stuff in bulk at a certain time. Other than some creative spooling on a mailserver more dynamic than most in existence today, the easiest solution would probably be to setup a different GMail account called “lists-XXX@” and POP everything from there once a day either manually or scripted1.

I have the inverse problem. It sometimes happens that I’m (vainly) trying to reach inbox zero at some ungodly hour writing replies to people where it wouldn’t come over as too professional to have them receive e-mails created at 02:42 or thereabouts. I would like to have my outgoing e-mail delayed until 09:00 the following morning and sent in one big batch to create the impression2 that I’m a decent person who adheres to business hours.

  1. Remains the pain of having those lists accept your e-mail from a different address than the one that is subcribed.
  2. To those who cannot fathom how we work.

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