Your last social network

Register for the PICNIC social network, it might very well be your last.

These days with Amsterdam revving up again for the PICNIC cross media week you guys will have been getting a slew of friend requests and other invitations related to the event and its social networking website.

I encourage you all to register on PICNIC even if you do not plan to attend the conference (and friend me!). The PICNIC network website is built by Mediamatic on the latest version of anyMeta that implements the Open-CI standard for social networking. Open-CI is a standard tat enables social networks to work together, share connections and content and exchange real-time updates.

Cross Site Friend Adding
Sequence diagram for adding friends across sites

Since last spring, when we got together to talk about these issues, Mediamatic has been building Open-CI to make their social networks talk together because they were running into the same duplication and user tedium problems as the rest of the social networking world.

Their development team with the addition of XMPP-Ralph has been steadily at work and they have implemented the standards and created the semantics necessary for social network interoperability.

I’ve been working with them to write a white paper with an overview and explanation of the benefits of such a system and Willem recently gave an interview talking about the high level benefits of Open-CI.

Update: And it is done. You can now use your account on PICNIC to login to (and vice versa) and once logged in you can do everything you want on the site. See the screenshot:
Mediamatic - Cross site log in

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