Four Square or can you smell the beer already?

This week returning from my new haunt in Amsterdam back to Delft, walking the streets with an appetite for beer I felt strangely disconnected.

Together with Robert we persuaded the kind people of Four Square to open up a branch in Amsterdam. Being one of the starters of the service here means I’m friends with tons of people. Knowing what is happening in the city, where the cool bars and restaurants are and immediately knowing who’s having a beer right now and where, is fantastic.

S&W say that being able to see through a city is a superpower. If so, Four Square is the superpower of being able to smell beer miles away.

Once you’re used to a service such as this and the peripheral vision it provides —and does ever so unintrusively1— walking around a city which doesn’t have it feels like having blinders on.

  1. I have my pings set to off for now.

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