Last week I got Rebooted in Copenhagen again. Drove up with Peter and Iskander.


After your fourth time attending such a great and small conference as Reboot, it becomes familiar like a reunion. This year’s action theme meaned the two days were completely packed. There was so much to do and so much going on that the first day was over already before you knew it.

The one thing that struck me as being odd was the fact that many speakers on the large stage weren’t asked any questions (I had one or two for Richard Falkvinge). If anything, Reboot does not strike me as an event where one person can rain down the gospel unquestioned. So for a next time more interactive maybe even adversarial formats may be nice.


It was a great event and a lot of fun cruising around like a local on the Yahoo! bike and crashing at Mark’s place with Anne (his writeup). The opening talk by Matt was great (as always) and the Bruce Sterling’s closing talk was also fantastic1. Ton has a great writeup.

But yes it was very awesome. I don’t know many tech conferences that can pull off a street party like this one:

Update: And the talk by Bruce Sterling2 just got posted:

  1. Though I liked his end of SxSWi tirade better.
  2. The second part of which is straight from the Last Viridian Note and still relevant good advice.

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