Back where I began

Last Sunday we did a big haul and carried most of our stuff over to the new place in Amsterdam. Now we’re almost done with the tedious process of making sure the basics are taken care of, sorting through stuff, eliminating duplicates.

Half A Life Apart

My story in Delft had been finished for a while now. Loads of friends but also a lot of dead ends. Being in Amsterdam gives a fresh perspective and breathing space.

The only thing is, I don’t usually mind giving up comfort, but the comfiness of ten year’s worth of accrued social contacts, friends, loose acquintainces, class mates, colleagues and the likes is a real loss. I hope to be able to build something similar quickly over here (and lose that again as well1).

So this is new beginnings in familiar places with lots of fun.

  1. Yes, I plan to move out in a year or two.

3 thoughts on “Back where I began”

  1. @Kars: The new location means I’ll be keeping Utrecht closer than before. But yes I need to try out the connection when things settle down a bit over here.

    @Cristiano: There are some options and I’d like to get a taste of London again. Could I visit sometime soon and check out _your_ new digs?

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