Urban Teleportation Device

I can’t say enough how pleased I am to be riding this bike through the city.

Urban Teleportation Device

I’ve given her a name but it functions mostly as a teleport to a random location in the city where t < 15m. Already being familiar with the topography of Amsterdam is a plus and tearing through the city, riding faster than most people without any effort1 is fantastic.

Now comes the more difficult task of keeping this bike in this city.

  1. You should see what she does with effort blasting down Berlage bridge.

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  1. @Kars: I don’t know if Wytze will make them once he’s done graduating, but Roy in Rotterdam does take orders: http://www.rotterdamfixedgear.com/site/
    Got some cool stuff up for sale no (that Vivalo…!), but it ain’t cheap.

    If you have the skills or know somebody who does, building yourself does make a lot of difference.

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