Where’s our rumpus?

Taplin regularly writes that the entertainment business is in crisis because people outside of the USA are not willing to pay for their intellectual property.

Now here’s a case of a new movie “Where The Wild Things Are” which gets extremely favorable reviews both by him and by the Times but which is set to release January 14th, 2010 in the Netherlands (almost three months after its premiere)1.

I’m especially thrilled with the fact that the creators of this movie are uncompromising to mediocrity and dare to be great. From the Times:

[…] a film that often dazzles during its quietest moments, as when Max sets sail, and you intuit his pluck and will from the close-ups of him staring into the unknown. He looms large here, as we do inside our heads. But when the view abruptly shifts to an overhead shot, you see that the boat is simply a speck amid an overwhelming vastness. This is the human condition, in two eloquent images.

I’m quite sure I want to experience this movie in all its splendour in a cinematic environment but I don’t know if I can resist the inevitable torrents coming our way much much earlier than halfway into January.

The studios are complaining about declining revenues but it looks like it’s their own fault.

  1. Even Turkey gets it sooner (I’m not so sure that ‘even’ applies anymore to Turkey, though.)

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