Where is the money?

Last week I trod off to Haarlem along with most of the usual suspects for the Rethinking Media event: “Show me the Money” organized by Dutch Media professionals. Along with the people from the Dutch online scene, there were a lot of professionals from the media industry present which proved to be an interesting mix1.

I had been interviewed for this event a couple of weeks earlier talking about how TipiT could be a business model for new online media initiatives. Video (in Dutch):

Alper Çugun (TipiT.to): Micropayments werken als je maker webcontent kent | Show me the Money #2 from Mediacontainer on Vimeo.

It was a nice event, with some very interesting keynotes. A lot of fun was to see a large part of the Mediaminds together for a live taping of the podcast:
Mediaminds Panel

Matt Thompson had a great talk:
Matt Thompson

But I would recommend you watch the video for Chris Thompson’s talk (twitter) about the Guardian Platform. The things they’re doing there are really very inspiring:
Chris Thorpe

My biggest takeaway from these industry events is that the industry is in nowhere near as bad a shape as they claim to be. The whole ‘the media is dying’ thing is mostly fear mongering. Money is still being made in the media industry, just not the same ridiculous amounts as they used to make and not wholly by the same people. I understand that this may upset some incumbents, but it’s not the disaster it’s made out to be.

  1. Interesting proof that an event with a lot of suits can also be pretty clued in to what’s happening. Michiel Bicker Caarten’s chairing of the event was sharp and clueful.

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