A Film in one Week



Friends of motion studio Eelke Dekker and design agency Booreiland have gone into seclusion for a week in the East of the Netherlands to concept, shoot and produce a movie within that week, project .mov. No ulterior motives, just making a movie for the love of making a movie (and having made that movie).

Some years ago without a budget and far less experience they’d already produced the classic Frag. It took some time however to find the right moment and opportunity to make another one. Now that moment is there with more time, better gear, actually better everything and a recipe for awesome.

Now, any movie needs an audience, but the fun part of this project is that you can track the making of as it goes along. It is all being documented in glorious HD, tweets and photographs. You can checkout the progress of the movie on the tumbleblog for dotmov or follow the dotmov account on Twitter. As this video testifies, even if you can’t be there, it is really fun and insightful to follow the creative process from afar:

Briefing Scenario from dotmov on Vimeo.

Pitching Scenario aan Scriptwriters

More to follow and I can’t wait to see the end result (or more in progress movies for that matter).

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