Enterprise is wrong

Tim Bray speaks out on what those of us without a vested interest in the disfunctional business practices of enterprise software already knew and have been saying for years:

The community of developers whose work you see on the Web […] deploy better systems at less cost in less time at lower risk than we see in the Enterprise.

It’s a sham and it’s crumbling but slowly enough that if you’re mediocre developer you will not want for work for the foreseeable future (but you will not be doing interesting things either).

Absurd heroism in innovation

Sjors Timmer writes a nice piece about the futility of innovation and the inevitability of failure.

He says:

“Who in their right mind would ever want to be sacrificed in the name of innovation, who in full knowledge would accept an seventy hour work week for unhealthy low pay, who educated by the best would spend their days in cheap office space with Spartan furniture.”

Sjors comes to the same conclusion, but I would answer (free after Camus) that both choices are absurd, both being a cog in a cubicle of bureaucracy and the hopeless railing against the windmills of the upstart.

But if both are absurd, you ought to accept that and choose the more glorious one.

Year in Cities 2009

It’s that time of the year again, a modest list this time compared to some:

  • London, and again in September for dConstruct, crashing at Cristiano and Melinda‘s place
  • Austin, first visit to SxSWi, definitely not the last
  • Copenhagen, yearly Reboot, this time crashing at Mark‘s awesome place
  • Amsterdam, moving house over from Delft finally!
  • Casablanca, flying in and out with Air Arabia on this Morrocan holiday
  • Rabat
  • Marrakech
  • Agadir
  • Essaouira

I hope to travel more in this coming year. Austin, Copenhagen and Brighton are definitely in again. A new visit to the Middle East is in order and a big trip.