This Happened Utrecht #6 Soundbytes

Last Monday we saw the sixth edition of This Happened taking place and —I haven’t seen all, but I’ve seen more than most— I think this was one of the best ones yet.

So thinking what would be an easy way to journal1 this edition both for me as a writer and for you as a reader I came up with this format. Session division is left as an exercise for the reader.

Going to school in the 90s. By the time they graduated everybody had multiple e-mail addresses, multiple browsers and access to mobile phones.

I took an indulgent three week break just to sketch.

I’ve never seen anybody smell a Microsoft mouse before, touch it to their lips because it was so smooth.

How we husband and harvest computational wood. We water them with a conductive ink at least yearly and then they become computational.

The only way to solve these interaction design problems is by going out there and using the application.

And then bam! there’s the sun.

This is just a very fancy animation to conclude.

Preferences are evil, they are the work of the devil.

Archie and the Bees, our last show or our last therapy session.

I always get inspired by other people.

I’m still using Director 8 and it runs great!

If you work with technology, it always will crash.

I once had a show where nothing went right and I never saw people applauding so hard in the end.

First we do an experiment and then that evolves into a show.

My dynamic is to make it easy to grasp for everybody.

  1. My note taking of the first session was thwarted by OS X’s evil semi-modal WiFi dialog. Apologies for that.

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