Weeknotes 25

Let’s see how this goes. Consider this a try out for now.

I tried 750 words, but I’d like my writing efforts to be viewed by a larger public and be of some use. Weeknotes for me could solve the problem of recapping what it was I actually did in a week (and also show other people what it is I actually do).


I wrote an overview of the first chapter of Check in / Check out. That got picked up by Adam Greenfield the following day by the miracle of trackbacks and Google Translate. Good as well, because I need to do some prepwork on Transmobility before meeting with people from 9292ov next week.

Check in / Check out has a series of design principles at the end of each chapter. Those might be interesting to a wider audience, so I’m going to translate those to English.

I finished a presentation on two transportation concepts for Amsterdam, both involving water. Still waiting to hear back from my city council member, but that may be publishable in the near future.

I went to a meeting on the future of the Amstel station next to my house. Here’s a picture of their bold plans where I most probably won’t be living anymore by the time they are completed:
Future of my front yard


Tuesday was the real start of project Ebi more on which at Leapfroglog.

We managed to cover quite some ground, but because of the plurality of our options, the creative process can be quite devastating draining.

I unfortunately missed the Amsterdam.js meetup, but I’m happy that the AMS programming scene is reactivating.


The good start of Ebi (and its subsequent celebrations took their toll). After a slow start at Stumptown —where I may be found regularly on weekday mornings— I got to the office where I was stuck till 22:00 because of the slowness of the iOS4 update.

Did some work on puebla which is a low data but heavy content dataviz to be published in the near future.

Also published the UX Triangle a funnily accurate model of the UX community.


The rest of the week wasn’t that productive due to a touch of flu. Did some more work on Ebi.


More work on Ebi (designs of which by the way are coming along and are ridiculously awesome).

In the afternoon I had a studio day with Dirk van Oosterbosch at his Damrak studio. We discussed progress on the Table Viewer and another more commercial but innovative HTML5 project.

Then it was off to the Cineville launch party. Cineville is an all-you-can-eat movie pass for 13 Amsterdam art house cinemas. They recently redeveloped their site to become a hub for the pass, the cinemas and everything to do with indie movies in Amsterdam (eventually to become a sort of Last.fm for the cinematic experience). I beta tested the release (rather enthusiastically) and was curious to their future plans.


Nothing much except a good coffee (at Stumptown again!) and professional discussion with Taco.


More work on Ebi. The site is mostly functional now in Django but I’ve also read up on both MongoDB and REDIS because of the inherent flexibility requirements of a project such as this one.

Somewhere this week I also started to read Designing for the Digital Age which is the next book for our UX Book Club —now with Twitter account— and is promising to be quite the read.

That was about it. Now I’m off for a more than overdue BBQ on the beach.

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