Weeknotes 172


Continuation of Ebi and first deployment to the server. One of my biggest beefs with Django is that any fresh deploy to a server will cost you at least one hour, despite it being the same old stuff you have been doing for ever (as opposed to App Engine).


Ran some updates on Haitinu.nl which is an aid site that I delivered recently.

Continued with Ebi and prepared a talk with the people that run our national transit information site.


Done an Ebi brainstorm and progress review in Utrecht.

Then back to Amsterdam for the transit information meeting with @mdebruin, @jelleprins and @alexandernl.

I skipped the douchebag extremism of Social Media Day in favour of a book presentation on journalism by Alexander Pleijter and Arjan Dasselaar in Dauphine which was next to my house (and where a bunch of friends from the ‘Confetti generation’ were checked in).

It was entertaining enough and confirmed again how out of touch with the internet the journalism profession is.


Inbox management and Ebi.


Did another sprint on Ebi and got out of Utrecht before the match started.


Had a nice 4th of July BBQ and squeezed in some pre-Monday updates to the Ebi site.

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