Weeknotes 174

Project Ebi is taking most of my capacity and brain these days, so everything else is necessarily pushed to the back burner a bit.

In other news…

I started drafting an open letter in Dutch regarding the information platform for transit data for the Netherlands which will be created in the near future. We (Open Data Nederland) want this platform to be open and inclusive to enable the greatest potential for innovation.

Talked about an interesting quantified self dataviz project (codename: nezahualcoyotl) with a well-known hardware maker. More dataviz is forthcoming:
puebla got its public deadline (which is quite shortly) but could use some visual design attention
guadelajara got its datasets after some gentle nudging of authorities, expect some first draft renders for that soon

I also did a bunch of beta testing of Peerz. A Dutch startup I did the initial IA/IxD for. You can try it out yourself and could even win an iPad for your efforts.

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