This Happened #8 – Sound Bytes

The quotable This Happened Utrecht #8.


Then we will have those infamous drinks sponsored by Microsoft.


Five minutes later she forgot that it all happened and she was all nice to me.

Something that really makes these people happy is cake, because they think it’s somebody’s birthday or there’s a party.

Everybody is in a different timezone and they have difficulty connecting to each other.

They had the need but they couldn’t really interact with each other.

They should be able to show off to others what they can do.

There were people falling asleep and during our user test only one person fell asleep.

What you can provide is some fun during the day, that they’re not just sitting there and staring.

Even when the phone is ringing the caregiver has to direct them what to do.

The caretakers really like to have more control.


The term generative has been used too broad lately.

Usually when you talk about generative methods, they result in visual complexity.

I could talk about my interest in noise for hours.

I always use random parameters and noise functions that transform my images.

After we got commissioned we found out that the opening of the room was in two weeks.

This emerged from the idea that we wanted to work with the architecture in the room.

At first sight it’s not clear what’s projected and what’s fixed.

Somehow it always resulted in noisy visuals.

I started to bring back the analog aesthetic.


I was working in New York and I was mildly bored.

It wasn’t very attractive.

Let’s ask her to make a WordPress skin.

We just had all this content on the site and we needed a place to put it.

Aren’t there periods? They said: yeah there are periods.

Minor details but really part of the process of figuring out where you’re going.

I did all this in Illustrator because I didn’t know there were other tools to do this.

Wanted to find a visual way of dragging people in.

We want to provide an alternative to the really expensive art history books.

If you send out a survey you never get good answers.

We’re just five art historians and an information architect.

I know it gets more audience than the Boijmans website. And it gets less than MoMA.


It’s also my first keynote so I went a bit overboard with the transitions.

They really try to make the most of exposing themselves.

We decided to visit the location. This was very good.

Once you’re standing there and you see the area, you really see the potential of the area.

It would be really absurd.

There were all these connotations of playfulness from your childhood.

We modeled it using lego. It has nice affordances.

Here’s a man staring at something he built with his own hands.

It’s as if his face is about to break from smiling so hard.

We didn’t imagine that two people wanted to sit on the thing at the same time. Which was quite erotic actually.

Two girls one chick.

There were definitely people coming back for more.

On Twitter I was reading: I think I broke my arm. It’s quite a strenuous exercise.

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