Week 202

A different format for these weeknotes:

In meetings

Met with the guys from Amstel Media and had a chat over at Sanoma Media. Met up with Ton Zijlstra after way too long and Henk Jan Bouwmeester.

LinkedIn Inmap

In work

Project Statlas made solid progress on both the renderer and the interaction framework. The map is looking pretty spanking on Polymaps, but no screenshots yet.

For Maguro I modelled the entire game in the database and made a beat scheduler using celery. Using that I created a fully playable prototype.

Real elite

In writing

Wrote about how the process of government contracting ICT projects could be made more transparent in Dutch: “Transparantie in ICT-aanbestedingen”

In events

We announced the next Hack de Overheid for March 12th. Then we started scouting locations and drafting the program for that event. It’s looking good!

I was at the VPRO launch of their iPad documentary and I got an advance copy to play with. Together with Iskander we coined the term Sensor Parkour: “in an ubicomp surveillance world, ‘sensor parkour’ could become a novel situationist exercise.”

Good gear is good

Then I went to another event about the end of the publishing industry. Funnily enough most book publishers in the Netherlands have no clue about the consequences the internet is going to have for their business.

Het einde van de uitgeverij

Friday we had impromptu drinks at @ouroffice along with an attempt to hack the OV-chipkaart which was a lot of fun and got a bunch of people to come out. Expect more of that and probably also a dataviz ignite somewhere in April.

OV-chipkaart hacking terminal

OV-chipkaart dump

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