Week 204

Drive by-ing these notes two three four days late. Yeah, these are those kind of weeks.

Gave my first lecture on data visualization at the Willem de Kooning. That was fun.

Then after I went straight to This Happened Utrecht #9.

This Happened Utrecht - Let's design

Met with the people behind IAmsterdam and updated on Statlas with Kilian Valkhof.

Going for the petit déjeuner (or the full French breakfast)

Found this permalink:
Vimeo Sharing feature

Finalized the rules for maguro and codified them.

Lunchy bunch

Spent a day at Buro Pony working on a very aesthetic affair.


After that it’s mostly a blur of hustling at maguro. Staying in at the studio ’till midnight day after day. Hard hours but good work and company. So no biggie.

Bandjesland Merlot, thanks @monobanda


Quoting Jack Schulze: “It’s brilliant to have these people around.”

Professor Scheiber in optima forma

Harder dan gisteren

And finally the version was finished and we went off boozing.

In the weekend it was mostly doing catchup on other projects. Did the briefing and wireframes for hermosillo. Updated the event page for March 12th’s Hack de Overheid.

Then closed off the day with an architectural dinner.


Touched up some stuff on Sunday and prepared my WdKA lecture of the following day.

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