Week 208

A busy and monotonous week with deadlines for many long running projects.

1. Monday saw my last official lecture at WdKA. Students will present their work next week which I’m looking forward to greatly.

2. Worked the entire week for maguro which is going into a pilot run as I am typing this.

Hackers tilt-shift

3. Acapulco saw an initial release but needs a bit more touching up.


4. Hack de Overheid: Apps for Amsterdam edition was this Saturday. I was the host of this event we had been preparing for a long time was every bit the succes we had hoped it would be. We had lots of friends come over and useful applications were created.


I visited the Virtueel Platform book presentation and the Big Brother Awards on Wednesday. Both e-culture and privacy in the narrow sense remain difficult but relevant concepts for me.

Thomas van Luyn kicking off the Big Brother Awards

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