Week 210

@machielse Settling in at @ouroffice. Watch out! This guy's a boss.

Updated maguro and setup new branches and development environments. Finished the latest bits of acapulco.

Streetfighter 3D - I still rule at it.

Tuesday went to our friends at Adaptive Path to listen to a lecture by Andrew Devigal.

Spent a day working at Buro PONY. The guys who also made this very nice avatar for Monster Swell:

We could all use a bit of Good Fucking Design Advice

Wrote a post on Nicholas Carr “Carr’s self-interest” and another one on Color.

Fixed up my fixie and worked a day at the friendly people of Booreiland.

Fixed her up with some shiny blue tyres to match my bag

Also managed to finish Reality is Broken to start directly in Players Unleashed!

Sunday migrated hermosillo to ep.io because djangy despite having promised to run until the end of this month started flaking out already.

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