Week 211

It looks like the past period of turbulent ascent is over and the plane is going to be level for a bit. That does not mean that there isn’t an awful lot of awesome stuff on deck waiting to be published nor that there aren’t a bunch of new prospects on the horizon. More on those in due time.

Lots of work this week on Statlas also a bunch for the Groene Amsterdammer. Maguro got finished with a large scale finale event which they tell me was all the rage. Also our work on acapulco got finished, pictures for which are due soon.

Visited Mobile Monday. Prepared various proposals to do work on the border between computer science and architecture.

Also our friends from the Village in Utrecht opened their coffee store. Needless to say a lot of the work we do over there is fueled by quality caffeine and we will be paying them more than regular visits. I suggest you do the same.

The Village Proprietor

Friday we of course also had our regular drinks at @ouroffice. You are welcome for any of our next installations.

The new haul: Huizinga, Bogost, Jacobs Kolko

And as if the week was not filled enough with highlights, I also got to play my role as the Design Misanthrope:
Those that know me, know I'm very much the design misanthrope.

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