Week 212

Coworking Table

There is a vibe floating around at the office about studio++. I have had lots of ideas, visions, hopes and ambitions for the future studio, but most importantly: it should be similarly (de)central, be about twice as big and we should have a full kitchen to our disposal. Too much to ask for in Amsterdam’s slumping professional real estate market? I think not. The search starts in earnest sometime after I move house this weekend.


Finalizing maguro, doing onsite work with Kilian Valkhof on Statlas, talking with old school publishers, putting the final touches on mérida.


And in between all of this, trying to produce some original writing on the subject of games.

Also I cannot stress how instrumental the lovely guys at the Village in Utrecht are for keeping us caffeinated (and by extension sanely productive):
The Village

2 thoughts on “Week 212”

  1. Slightly off-topic, but are you paying for Skype group video chat?

    A while back I need to setup a quick video conference and was slightly taken aback by the cost to do it via skype premium: either $8.99 per month or $4.99 a day. I ended up using tokbox, who are unfortunately closing shop as they have changed business model.

  2. @Charl: Definitely not! We just all enabled the trial period and had this brief chat which we will probably never see again. I guess I should push everybody to fire up iChat next time we want to do this.

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