Week 218

Things are speeding up and these are taking too much time so I won’t know if I can keep it up. Still I think there is a lot of value in creating an archive of our work. And I think these have netted the most consistently positive response compared to other blogposts here.

This is the one not of this week, but of the one before (starting May 16th with me being sick for a day). A lot of stuff happened but most if it wasn’t directly work pertaining or publicly relatable.

ARCAM debate about huge amount of derelicts in the Netherlands

Alice Taylor’s lecture at the HKU faculty in Hilversum was inspiring stuff. I don’t think many students get it, but as an entrepreneur in the same area her work resonates profoundly and she looks poised to pull it off.

Friday we had a launch meeting for Statlas at the Fluxility offices. Statlas should be in public beta by June 6th.

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