Week 219

A massively busy week this last, and going on a probably well deserved surfing trip to Bilbao next week so expect things to quiet down a bit here.

Monday was spent at the Dutch Game Garden doing maintenance on PLAY Pilots and brainstorming for a pitch.

Tuesday I spent the day coaching students of the HvA develop their concepts for the course City Discourse. In this course students think about how information technology and open data can enrich the urban experience.

Lex lays down the Apps for Amsterdam

Wednesday was the Apps for Amsterdam awards ceremony. I wrote about the proceedings leading up to that event. The event was packed with a great vibe of appreciation for developers and a celebration of open data. We should do it more often if only for that and we probably are. Bigger and better things are forthcoming.

Rather full house at the Apps for Amsterdam awards ceremony

Thursday was wholly spent making presentations for firstly a Virtueel Platform expert meeting on Cities, Games and Data and for a break-out session at the What Design Can Do conference on data driven design. Both presentations were well received and with some added polish they may see wider dissemination.

Cooped up to talk about Gamed, Cities and Data

Presenting in the Schouwburg

Finally Friday was closed having drinks over at our friends from Bits of Freedom celebrating their new office space.

Update: A great write-up of the City_Play_Data expert meeting was posted at The Mobile City.

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