Week 224

Monday I spent all day planning the Statlas release and encountered some showstoppers still. That night I went to Utrecht for This Happened.

Intermission at This Happened

Tuesday was another day spent in Utrecht and in between things I pushed out the releases for Statlas with posts in Dutch and English.


Talking to people from MENA

Also I managed to bait (thread) Dutch member of parliament Jeanine Hennis on the topic of her party’s (the VVD) entanglement with large corporate interest when it comes to copyright law (or any internet related law). There is a lot more to be said about this topic and I don’t know how effective this is as a strategy, but somebody should do this.

Drinks in front of the building

Thursday there was a meeting about game journalism at the Waag (and a flurry of coverage of the topic this week), by Niels and David:
David over game-journalistiek

That and other engagements however did mean that I had to miss the Cognitive Cities Salon (though I heard it was most ace).

Friday was spent doing iPhone tutorials all day and night to get up to speed on this medium and to create some interesting interface experiments in the near future.

Cooking up the future of deliberative democracy in the Netherlands

The entire weekend was spent working unfortunately. Saturday we talked about the potential merger of Hack de Overheid and het Nieuwe Stemmen to formalize an already ongoing collaboration and create a more robust organization.


Sunday I acted as the jury member in a pilot for an interaction design television programme. It’s not clear yet whether it will be produced, but it would be a good step forward popularizing the more functional design disciplines.


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