Week 231

A bunch of work on finalizing Code 4, work on culiacan continues steadily nearing a launch sometime soon, and kicking off ideation and sketches for tlalnepantla.

Nice to get recognition for writing from long long in the past. James linked to an old piece I wrote about getting stories from your database.

Apps for Noord Holland (saltillo) is this coming Saturday and signups are shaping up nicely. How could they be otherwise for the opportunity to spend a day programming and learning together on a fortress from the defense works of Amsterdam. There are still some spots open, so sign up if you want to make it an awesome experience.

I was over at Utrecht last week just to escape the many meetings plaguing me in Amsterdam. A new rule which I will try to adhere to: I will participate in a maximum of one hour of meetings every week.

Still the pimpest coffee place

The coffee intelligentsia

My review of the Cat and the Coup (a documentary game) was published over at Bashers and I wrote a short Jane Jacobs inspired piece lamenting the narrow sidewalks of the area I live in.

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