Week 239

Running dreadfully behind with these weeknotes so this would have to be a short one.

I lost my fixie which was something of a blow. Feeling a bit hurt and crippled from this loss. Going to look for a new ride come spring.

Left my bike out for two days and my wheel set got stolen. Double lock, kids!

I had lunch with Alexander Zeh and Peter Robinett of Mio Giro.

Today's Office

There is some space shortage at the Open Cooperatie but spirits at Hack de Overheid were high:
Lex is gepubliceerd

I participated in a knowledge gathering session organized by Info.nl about the future of the tax system in a fully networked society. There were some very interesting people present but always, talking with people who don’t make anything is a waste of time.

Also conceived of a special event for the playful people of the Netherlands. Stay tuned for updates on that.

Sargasso is very kind to us and says that Hack de Overheid approach is the new way of changing the world. We are very humbled (but would tend to agree).

I was a bit annoyed by voices against the ‘Creative Class’ and wrote a retort: “Stop Kicking the Creative Class”

I put the very modest advice work I did on the new Vrij Nederland site on my portfolio. I am glad I got the right people together, could help out some friends and that the result is so excellent.

I wrote a review of the Binding of Isaac for nrc.next due to be published soon. It is a deceptively deep and addictive game.

Suavely working at Brainsley

I had coffee with our good friend Toine Donk who is doing very interesting things with books. And I worked the rest of the afternoon at the offices of Brainsley. Besides good friends, they are my hope for innovation in Dutch publishing.

Ianus Keller and other friends were at Design by Fire (which seems to have been very good) and they give me hope with the following tweet:

There’s hope for @alper we need people to interpret big data @ Geertekerk http://t.co/GI8egdhO
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Brainsley had their office warming party on Saturday which was a fantastic convention of internet, fashion and assorted other people:
Boy band looking for a cause

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