Week 244

I had a great time last week working at the Makers Loft in Kreuzberg while our friends of Gidsy were out and about in San Francisco.

Working at @themakersloft today. Awesome studio space.

It was interesting arranging stuff for Apps voor Nederland from Berlin, but eminently doable thanks to modern communications.

Today's office

I also went to see the play ‘Einsame Menschen’ at the Schaubühne. Which was an interesting experience all in all.

Wo lass ich heute meine Zeit?

I also had an experience with Android that probably forever cured me from the platform. What a horrible mess that is. Tuesday evening I took the train back to Amsterdam while making two presentations.


Because on Wednesday I did a project presentation at the Stimuleringsfonds voor de Pers and after that the same night I did an Ignite on Hack de Overheid at Mediamatic (see this picture of me speaking about transparency and see the picture on the projector). Both presentations went very well.

Mediamatic is currently doing studies in fungus of which this wall is an example:
Concentré de Tomate - a study in fungus

Thursdays was a bit more of a slow day after the 12 hour ordeal of the day before, starting off with doing e-mails at the Village, my favorite hangout in the Netherlands.

I asked Vlambeer about any indie game developers in Berlin and they came up pretty short on that count. Anytime I inquire about the Berlin game scene I get Wooga1 and if people really know what they are talking about they mention the great people at Spaces of Play. In any case, the Berlin scene seems thin and ripe for disruption.

After that it was off to Lieke’s viva. A smashing display of science if ever there was one:
Now officially a Philosophiae Doctor

Super Mario Experience (karig!)

Friday we did some business development for Hubbub with Kars Alfrink visiting over at the Coop and we paid a brief visit to the Super Mario Experience.

@karsalfrink proudly dandy

And oh yeah, on Sunday I moved my office from the Volkskrantgebouw to the Open Cooperatie which has already been my main base of operations for a while now, so I thought I’d make it official.

Minimal Viable Office

  1. Who are probably ace but hors concours for the kind of stuff we are doing.

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