Week 245

Running through the proceedings, it's going to be epic

On Monday we ran through the day’s schedule for Code Camping Amsterdam and I did a bunch of work on guadalupe.

That night DUS had an evening about re-imagining architecture at the Coop.
DUS - Rethinking the practice of architecture

Tuesday I worked at the Brainsley offices and went to the Bits of Freedom drinks in the evening.
Debating the finer points of privacy and the justice system

The Next Speaker now also carries my English profile if you need a speaker on the overlap between technology, design and society.

DUS their Ultimaker and their plans for it are rather huge.

I submitted a proposal about data commons to the conference on the Social Cities of Tomorrow by the Mobile City.

Building up Apps voor Nederland

Friday was for the final preparations for Code Camping Amsterdam (write-up here), our largest Hack de Overheid event to date. We had the entire day hacking at the derelict Shell Tower —I wrote about it before— across the water in Amsterdam with great food and coffee and a party at night for another several hundred people.

Evening hacking

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