Week 248

Some remaindered weeknotes that have been the casualty of an international move.

Presentation Template

This week marked a strategic planning session for the coming year out of which a lot of opportunity flowed. I also finished ‘Where is my Heart?’ for an upcoming nrc.next review. It is a spectacular piece of work and a total mind altering experience. A well deserved five stars.

Next we did some project planning for a fun little thing (saba) we’re going to build in 2012Q1. And then we played Quarriors which I won against all odds1.

Another day, another game

The rest of the week was spent actually writing the review. A lot of time goes into writing a good review. Too much for the regular press to do much of it as I’ve written here about Cultural Criticism. I was very pleased with Niels’s criticism and how the thing turned out (though it would of course have been better with another week spent on it).

Thursday I went to the Dialogues House to see Yochai Benkler present on his work and books. The clarity with which he presented complex concepts of value and organization was expected but still good to witness. The Dialogues House though situated a bit unluckily is really a vibrant and creative place.

The logo #nofilter

Then on Friday it was tying off some odds and ends (I added a view back and forward for Fast Moving Targets year end project) and preparing for the Open Coop party.

The proceedings continue

  1. Me writing this is still a bit of residual fiero.

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