Week 258: Madrid, RIO

First noms in Madrid

Churros con chocolate

A bit shorter weeknotes compared to last week’s. I spent most of the week in Madrid to do some fact finding and relax in the sun. I hadn’t expected the internet in the hotel and various venues to be as disastrously poor as it was, so I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped to. So the week was spent mostly lounging in the Madrid sun, eating various things1.

Madrid RIO

Indicator of weight

The hotel was next to the Madrid RIO park, so I managed to do an intensive investigation of the terrain.

Morning run at -1

Supermercado Rotterdam

My visit was just too short to attend the Madrid Hacks and Hackers chapter but I did meet-up with the organizer Ana Ormaechea. Talking about the Spanish situation with regards to openness and participation it was clear the country is on the cusp of a transition.

Sunny Spanish lunch

I was back home at 01:00 late night on Thursday so the following Friday was a bit broken, but I did manage to catchup a lot of stuff and do the necessary Skype calls.

Derelict Telefonica

  1. Among these things there were hardly any vegetables to be found. ↩

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