Week 263: short trip to the Netherlands

Last week commenced with preparing my presentation for the CrossLab event in Rotterdam. On Tuesday I took the train from Berlin and got there nicely in time.

Nice design

The face of Rotterdam is changing massively and visibly right now with the construction of a new central station that is going to be architecturally impressive:
Rotterdam, it has been a while.

Glad to see so many friends out for the event it was great to present a new aesthetic, algorithmic design (& peril) presentation to the audience of Rotterdam designers.

Wednesday it was off to meet a client in the Bijlmer and then a workday at the Coop.
Today's Office

Thursday I called at Utrecht among other things to celebrate the first anniversary of The Village Coffee and Music. Their continued presence makes working in Utrecht more than bearable.

Happy first birthday Village

The other pleasure is hanging out all day at Hubbub base where a lot of things are on the burner waiting to get shipped.
Today's office

I got to play Hokra at Tweetakt which is one of the social games that are programmed there. The other Joust is pictured below and got a lot of play time:
Joust at Tweetakt

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