Week 266: Django, iPhone programming and Quentin Meillassoux

A long week sprinting on saba. On Monday I got a nice desk chair:
Score one desk chair

On Tuesday I went to the Django meetup which was a lot of fun:

On Wednesday I spent the whole day hacking Thinkup and after went to see Brecht in the Schaubühne.

On Thursday I went to a lecture by Quentin Meillassoux which was terse but interesting. Meillassoux circumvents the problem of the correlational circle to access the absolute by taking the circle itself to be the absolute. That absolute is the contingent nature of everything (contingent, to fact to artifact). What there is is only discoverable by experience. Meillassoux wants to demonstrate that the empiricist is absolutely right.
Quentin Meillassoux

And I spent most of the weekend writing:
Today's office

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