Week 267: Hack and Tell, Thinkup, Gesellschaft im digitalen Wandel, Taobao and Gallery Weekend

I got a bunch of accessories for the office among which a bike stand:
Parked my bike in its stand

On Monday I also finished the Thinkup hack I wanted to present at the Berlin Hack ‘n Tell.

Tuesday was another long sprint on saba and then off to the event. The presentation went quite well and I think I managed to hit both the technical rationale behind the hack as well as its longer term implications.
Presenting at Hack and Tell

On Wednesday I wrote up the Thinkup thing over at Monster Swell: “A full Twitter index in your Thinkup” and requested my full history from Twitter.

More saba. On Thursday I went to a book presentation by Jonas Westphal at the FES about the society amidst digital change. It is good that these kind of books are being written to make palatable the socio-technical changes to people not so well versed in these developments. I have several similar reports like this at the studio by the WRR, RMO and by Rathenau.

Gesellschaft im digitalen wandel. (I'm just here for the brezel.)

I also embarked on my first experiment in Taobao shopping (inspired by Jan Chipchase). If this is succesful, I’m quite sure this will be the first of many more.

And finally on the weekend it was the gallery weekend here in Berlin and I took the chance to visit half a dozen in half an hour.


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