Week 276: back from holidays

It took a bit to get going again back from Greece.

More work on Beestenbende which had a push to finish everything on the deck. I had talks with Netzpolitik and Invisible Playground.

Cityjerk on gentrification

I briefly visited an event by Platoon about the interplays between gentrification and graffiti which was about as absurd as it sounds.

Folded myself a billfold

I published my notes on the Greek situation.

Are you ready to join The Resistance?

I received my copy of Chouinard’s new book ‘The Responsible Company’:
Patagonia outlining (among many other things) how to prevent an anti-gentrification backlash

Very much looking forward to reading that and applying it here.

Sunday I did a bunch of work on the kohi prototype.
kohi prototype

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