Week 284: New beginnings, Campus Party

Last week was rather eventful. I popped over to Praxis to sign my lease there and I was scheduled to present a workshop at Campus Party on a topic near to my heart about which I have presented often already in one form or another: Civic Hacking.

Sick siphon action inside

On Tuesday I attended the django meetup organized by my good friends from Gidsy. It’s always a pleasure to touch base with the current technological state of the art and best practices in web development, though I am not a web developer pur sang anymore.

Django meetup. Dude gets his balls busted for the tiny font and low contrast.

On Wednesday I dropped by at the Campus Party venue which at the vast Tempelhof area was as impressive as expected and spent the rest of the time preparing my workshop.

Campus Party landing in Berlin. Utter crazy town of makers, gamers and net people.

Finally hit the last bay full of tents at #CPEurope

On Thursday evening I presented the points of view we have on the topic as the last entry on a full Free Software Stage. The idea is that programmers and other makers can use their skills to make things and by doing so create a free world (necessary for free software).

A picture by Gulius Caesar:

On Friday it was back to the Campus Party to see the presentation by the Rails Girls Berlin. On the whole Campus Party was a great event with so much interesting stuff happening (a bit too much at times), but with also a lot of odd kinks in the organization which are neatly summarized over at Silicon Allee.

The Rails Girls Berlin among who @fraulea at #cpeurope

And after that to see a bunch of pro gaming going on at the arena where I saw a bunch of interesting Star Craft II cast by Kaelaris and witnessed my first bit of League of Legends1. Witnessing the high level sc2 players up close and seeing their actual APM is rather bizarre.

I have already been watching a bit of sc2 by Husky after which Frank Lantz started writing his Drinking Man’s Guide to Watching Starcraft, which I can recommend to everybody wanting to get into the sport.

Back for the sc2 matches

Siphoning in the afternoon

  1. Some kind of strange Diablo cum Warcraft mix and mash where people click-click-click on each other.

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