Week 287: kohi, praxis

Work on the Pigs continues though my part is sort of finished now. The rest of the team is very busy getting the thing into the stable.

Toddy's office

On Tuesday I dropped by Open Tech School to do a bit of Python coaching. The entire week I spent a great many hours on kohi getting both the iPhone client and the django server into usable shape. It has advanced to the point where I am using it regularly on the go and it works without too many hickups.

Having a proper wall is rather nice

I also wrote the new services overview for Monster Swell. A realign had been in order for a while now.

On Friday Dirk van Oosterbosch dropped by Praxis. A good Amsterdam friend and a notorious hardware hacker.

Also the German net community wants to do something about the Leistungsschutzrecht which is a truly ridiculous piece of legislation. My response to their petition:

So we get to pay a €1 premium to do our own pour over.

Make your own ChariTea station

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