Games on Ignite Berlin #3

Last week I presented at the Berlin Ignite. I had been present at the last one and greatly enjoyed, so I looked what I could add to the mix.

I threw most of the thinking in the studios for the past 1-2 years on the floor with post-its and distilled the pertinent threads from that. As it happens ‘New Games for New Cities’ was the title of a presentation Kars gave some time ago to which I had contributed but had forgotten about.

Leafing through the older presentations, it is good to see that the thinking has evolved over the years. The old points still hold, but time and experience has refined our opinions and forced us to refocus here and there.

Putting the presentation together was a fair amount of work (and not something I was particularly looking forward to the week before a holiday1) but all of the positive responses were more than worth it. I can highly recommend Ignite2 for the mix of topics it touches on, the fun and light delivery and the varied and open crowd it attracts.

  1. I’ve come to refer to that state of mind where your event horizon is defined by a single event ‘Brain Zero’.
  2. Though I don’t know if I should, because it’s totally packed anyway.

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