Week 289: moving out, moving on and some small events

Last week I built a new version of the Pig Chase client for the final test in the stables (more on which later).

Spent some time writing proposals. Setup my own personal tent at: https://alper.tent.is/ for whatever good that may be.

I also managed to catch the last day of PIVOT at leap and wrote something brief about it.

Let's try this again. Nice and cozy.

Also because it was the end of the month I finally moved all of my stuff out at the old office. Friday night there was another digital salon at the HIIG offices. I don’t think people like us are the target audience of these events. The discussion focused mostly on the incredibly mundane aspects of digital technology.

Outside in

Friday night was also the opening of work by Casey Reas at [DAM] Berlin. And after that a birthday party at Panke which for me felt like a more accessible/steampunk version of cbase. Anyway.

Circuit boards

I started doing some game design of myself. And built an election game using Game-o-Matic: The Emile Game.

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