I picked up a Monocle at Sydney airport for a long flight without laptop (along with a book) and I was a bit disappointed1 in finding that the magazine hadn’t progressed much since I first read it years ago. It still is that strangely a-political collection of fluff pieces for the spendy class and because of the current realities of print publishing now also brimful of advertorials.

I do read and enjoy (in an odd way) Tyler Brûlé’s Fast Lane column in FT and it looks like Monocle itself is larded with his signature phraseology. A distillation from a single issue:

a country’s ability to [X] says volumes about its identity

The forthcoming generation needs help to be globally competitive

Infrastructure is lagging behind

To his nearby weekend retreat

A far cry from the polished décor and white-gloved service elsewhere in the area

Diplomacy and negotiations don’t just happen in airless meeting rooms

Like all good campaigns it flatters the consumer

The alcohol induced violence that often comes with bars and clubs

Prompting eager entrepreneurs to roll in while the paint is barely dry

The company is eyeing its prospects overseas

The diligent start at the helm of

The name never fails to raise a smile among [X]

[X] is not known for its subtle advertising campaigns

And has bureaux in London, New York and Beijing

Has caused a stir on several occasions

We’re all familiar with the trajectory

The problems are being discussed but significant government-sponsored solutions are yet to emerge.

with help from an expert panel of architects

has been developed by passionate fundraising

[X] feels like a resort

analogue ways of staying in touch are still the most popular

it’s a problem that needs to be addressed by the government, not just enterprising individuals

The architects tried hard to infuse a sense of warmth and comfort.

we need an attitude change

Buyers were successful businessmen with good taste

it must be the most laidback event in the design calendar

it’s remarkable that so little priority is given to the emotional impact of the interiors

the clever spatial design and careful choice of high-spec domestic furniture

The hope is that this is a model to be rolled out

it has also sparked a longing for restaurants where home-cooked, uncomplicated food is served in familiar settings

  1. In retrospect I should have bought a New Yorker if they had them, but this was an impulse purchase and yes I too do aspire in a modest way.

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