Recess! 1 – Proteus and nature

Recess! is a correspondence series with personal ruminations on games.


Dear Kars and Niels,

I finally bought Proteus yesterday and though I really wanted to like it, I only half succeeded. It truly is a beautiful looking game but I do care a great deal about goals in the games I play (otherwise I probably would have loved Glitch too). Proteus has even fewer goals than Dear Esther. I can chase a few animals but other than that there isn’t much else to do on the island than to look at the spectacular sunsets.

My issue with that is that I think I should go outside and experience real nature instead of a procedurally generated facsimile on my screen, however beautiful it may be. Am I being a stick in the mud? The Kleistpark around the corner here is rather plain but this afternoon I did spot a fat bird between the branches.

Last week I was looking for a quick game to unwind in between work. Luftrausers would fit the bill, but that isn’t available yet on my system. I’m more or less done with Hundreds by now. I am playing Galcon now on the iPhone and sort of enjoying that. So my first Recess stays at the surface and is about that age old: tell me what to play.


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