Week 323

This week started with Pentecost. Trying to get stuff done in Germany during the bank holiday flurry that is May is always a challenge. I spent more time working on Cuppings. In all likelihood this app will never make any serious money, but there are other advantages to building apps which may become apparent in the future.

This week I gave an interview to Süddeutsche Zeitung about our project Politwoops which turned out pretty well:

Politwoops in SZ

Just before German class I was interviewed in German about altogether different matters:

KANT is slowly shaping up:

KANT in action

I received this device to be able to live digitally in the outdoors:

A cloudy start for my Wakawaka Power

And end of that week I spent some time writing and especially my piece on data was picked up nicely and got a record amount of views:

And the next day Peter and Michelle got married which was a tremendous amount of fun:


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