Week 335

A funny week and with these weeknotes falling ever further behind it is also becoming increasingly vague what ever did happen back then.

Something I didn’t publish back then but I might as well now is this horrible ancient picture that Peter dug up of me from a long ago visit to Berlin. That was in a certain year during the first Web 2.0 Expo that was held in Berlin by O’Reilly. We made it out here with a Dutch group and attended the event along with Barcamp Berlin and lots of parties. Fun times in a Berlin that was very different.

U bevindt zich hier - Cheeky Dutch colonization of Berlin

Also this week Cuppings was featured rather prominently both on twitter and in publications which all in all did not lead to the exponential sales you may have been expecting. It turns out that the visibility windows of twitter are too short to lead to any serious conversion.

We watched this rare talk by Jack Schulze which is recommended viewing.

“He has to make what he is thinking in order to express it.” —Schulze

And Kars was in Berlin so we iterated on the Cuppings game version which should be published somewhere in October for you all to play.

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