The Union issue

I have been long flummoxed by how terrible the CDU/CSU complex in Germany is. I could not understand how people could be that stupid and that conservative to the detriment of everybody including themselves. The number of examples is near infinite, but this post was prompted by yesterday’s action by the young Union Berlin1.

I now have a new working theory that explains this issue and sheds a new light on Germany.

Working theory: Most of the people from the Nazi party who weren’t shot after WWII went into the Union.2

I have not really heard anybody object to this and it really does explain a lot3. Those people had to go somewhere and I’m guessing they did not enter the socialist parties which were probably seeded from whatever red element survived the world wars.

This fact has shaped modern German politics from then on.

  1. Who will never ever demonstrate except at the opportune moment where they can celebrate the state’s boot crushing down on the poor and the oppressed. See this VICE report to see how incredibly fucked that situation is.
  2. Cheeky corollary: More people from the Nazi party should have been shot.
  3. Also these are the kind of theories that are not at all salonfähig in German pubs or academia. That’s why outsiders living in Germany need to formulate them.

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