Console gaming after the fact: Mirror’s Edge

Not so much a game as it is a parkour simulator with some combat thrown in. It is absurdly difficult which isn’t even the problem. The real problem is that every time you restart it takes too long and puts you in a place where you have to replay large segments of the game. This may be fun for some but not for me.

I’m also not convinced that it is useful to have a parkour simulator where you don’t see where your feet are and as such cannot time your jump really. There are better parkour games out there (Assassin’s Creed II comes to mind).

The aesthetics of the game are special and that is more or less the only reason I was told to play this game.

3 thoughts on “Console gaming after the fact: Mirror’s Edge”

  1. See this is what I loved about this game: it was hard but when you mastered it you started to feel like a pro.

    Most games today you just need to press one button to make the character to a set of complex movements. This game was clearly about practice and skill.

    I’m looking forward to part 2.

  2. That is true of many games (2D fighting games being a prime example). My problem isn’t with the difficulty of the base experience but about the difficulty of learning it (restarting segments is exceedingly tedious) and the difficulty of the interface.

    I’m afraid that in part 2 they will tone it down a lot though because this seems to be something a lot of people go on about.

  3. Oh yeah agreed, but then plenty of games fail at badly placed cutscenes. You learn to live with it if the game is entertaining enough. The Tron game has similar issues.

    Mirror’s Edge was a very low budget, unexpected cult classic though, and that’s why some people really love it.

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